The New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism

by Biglin Architectural Group on May 20, 2011

by Jonathan Bell & Ellie Stathaki
Lawrence King Publishing, September 2010


The New Modern House: Redefining FunctionalismIn The New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism, authors Jonathan Bell (Wallpaper* magazine, Blueprint, and Grafik) and Ellie Stathaki (Deputy Architecture Editor of Wallpaper* magazine and published author) dig deep to show us 50 case studies of urban, suburban, and rural homes from around the world. These unique residences steer away from lavish and extravagant design and take the ideas of functionalism and sustainability to the next level. Sharing more than just the end result of each project, Bell & Stathaki tell us the story of each home from concept to design sketches to diagrams to construction.

“The sustainability issue is so big and multi-leveled in practice (even though very strong and simple in concept!)…there is always something new to discover and be surprised by,” the authors said in a March 2011 interview with Dwell Magazine.

The authors  went on mention one of their favorite examples from the book showcasing function blending perfectly with design: the Faraday House. Built in Bern, Switzerland, the exterior of the residence is wrapped in corrugated copper lending to both the aesthetics and the energy efficiency of the home. Over the course of time, the copper will patina and change in color but will stand up to the elements, providing insulation from heat and cold, as well as the abundance of electromagnetic fields that are emitted from a nearby power plant.

The Faraday House is only one of many striking examples explored in this book. A worthy read for anyone interested in architecture, design, or sustainability.

The New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism can be purchased on Amazon
For more information on the book and the publisher, visit Lawrence King Publishing
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