The Bathtub Renaissance

by Biglin Architectural Group on December 21, 2011

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Transforming a Bathroom into a Sanctuary

The bathroom is an essential part of any home. It can be practical in its function or it can become a center for relaxation and comfort. The right bathtub transforms a master bath into a sanctuary.

Luxury bathtubs are no longer constrained to certain materials or shapes – each speak honesty about who we are, and what we value. Consumer demand, and designer creativity has created a bathtub renaissance worldwide where no color, shape or material is off-limits.

Here are a few select manufactures who create freestanding tubs that articulate Sanctuary.


Waterworks | Clothilde Copper Tub
For over 30 years, Waterworks has been designing and creating beautiful handcrafted bath fixtures, fittings, furniture, and finishes. Carrying on traditions started in the early 20th century by the founders’ family and artisan manufacturing methods, Waterworks successfully blends luxury, function, innovation, and tradition.

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Regia | Calice Red Glass Bathtub
This Italy-based company got its start in 1988 with the intention of creating bathroom accessories. Since that time, the company has expanded to include a complete bathroom collection, including this exquisite glass tub.

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Stone Forest

Stone Forest | Natural BathtubStone Forest | Oval Bath







To quote from them from their website, “Stone Forest takes its lead from nature’s blueprint.”

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This German company’s motto is “erlebe das bad” which means “expect the bad.” Working with one of the best plumbing designers in the world, Jochen Schmiddem, they aim to provide the highest quality in design for a solid price.

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